Everyone who undertakes the massive endeavour to write a thesis in the social sciences will relate to how hard this is: formulating what exactly are the most important findings you made. Just wrote them down for my introduction and, this is it:

The rationale of this thesis is to show

a)     how online and offline are not separate but open up a hybrid conceptual third space through which techniques flow across from one domain to the other (becomes visible across the whole thesis);

b)     how emotional and synesthetic principles are used to drive creative productivity and harness uncertainty (chapter x);

c)     how co-creative process designs are applied performatively to change behavior among many (chapter x);

d)     how new transnational communities are cultivated through principles of scale and mutual benefit (chapter x).

e)     how altogether these ideologies, designs and practices indicate a trend to amalgamate imaginative and analytical ways of knowledge creation in order to innovate and make sense of the digitized world around us (conclusion).

Flip flop slap slop. Work done fore today.