we are diversified beings

Hypermodernity. In which we PICK and FILTER our content, we don’t follow a common program, we DIY, CURATE and SKIP canon, we’re not part of a crowd, we’re part of many small scenes. We are a multitude of PARTIAL IDENTITIES and each FRAGMENT likes to CONNECT with a different MILEU. We don’t meet people that are very much like us because we CREATE our INDIVIDUAL DIVERSITY as a result of our careful SELECTION of EXPERIENCES that shape our SELF. We live in a squat and wear a suit to work. We don’t IDENTIFY with institutions, we BUILD them. We like to TAKE what’s abundant and SHARE what’s unique. We totally dig INDEPENDENCE and find a sense of BELONGING in all our little PASSION projects. We like MANY SMALL. COMMUNALITY today is about SIZE, INTENTION and CHOICE. We are DIVERSIFIED beings. Yet we love the COMMONS. You gotta love the PARADOX within.

thanks, zoe bear, for lovely deep thinking morning coffees.