speaking of measuring engagement


A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at diy days New York City on ‘Measuring Engagement’. For their website I answered a few questions that were really inspiring. .

What do you see as the most exciting development in storytelling today?
Getting together to do it.

What’s your wish for the future?
More people sharing ice cream.

If you could share a book, film, album, and experience with the future what would each be?
Book: Tom Robbins’ Jitterbug Perfume (1985), because it addresses in bawdy language what’s too encrypted in Goethe’s Faust. There’s beetroot, Pan, stinky lovers, an antihero exiting time and space, surrendering to the realm of the senses to do no less than answering the grand questions of life. Total must-read for future spaceship navigators.

Album: Moloko’s Things to make and do (2000), for pure pleasure seekers and absent minded friends, for remaining the same and for realizing that being is bewildering and that the time is now. And if I could, I’d add familiar feelings to the mix.

Film: Tarsem’s The Fall (2006), for being a beautiful homage to storytelling, early cinema, bravery, deception, diversity, camaraderie, love, pain, innocence, Beethoven’s 7th, and poetry on a million metalevels.

Experience: Dark streets, millions walking, holding candles – a collective persistently challenging the system, knowing full well that they’re taking a leap in the dark. Months later they prevail: the inner German wall falls in 1989.

Witnessing the most silent revolution gaining momentum over years to result in a peaceful reunion that ended the cold war and united families; seeing my older sister climbing the Berlin wall the moment it came down; moving to the East to see what a complete overnight system change from socialist to capitalist does to a people; experiencing incredibly powerful and inventive derivatives of anxiety, freedom and loss of orientation for 18 Mio East Germans. Phoenix.

What will you be doing at DIY Days?
I’m excited to discuss with Sparrow Hall, Ryan Aynes and Nick Braccia how we measure success in a shifting socio-economic environment. What’s the reality of co-creation, what’s of value for the audience, and how do they respond to creative innovations? I’ll share my methods, bring stories from co-creative experiments in Europe, and first results from highly qualitative research on Europe’s ‘Generation 20+’. We’ll explore what this means for sustainability re funding, audience engagement, and …well… success, I guess.

Apart from that, find me running around collecting data to shake and stir the collective emergent narrative, to learn what’s hot, throw some marbles, and mingle with crazy lovely people

What is your background?
I’m a discoveress, younger sister, North European, slow thinker, midnight drawer, confuser-sense-maker, ethnographer, dancer, deep diver, sharer, passionizer, sound opulencer.
A universal dilletante.

Also, check out all the other speakers, such good company.

Oh and log your own wishes at www.wishforthefuture.com