new learn do share book

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We’re all keen to LEARN, right ?
We love to roll up our sleeves and DO stuff, no ?
And who doesn’t love to SHARE it all ?

That’s how we run diy days, as a gathering for creatives to learn, do and share. It’s a tradition now that we run a booksprint after each event, in which we gather a few volunteers to harness what we learned. After diy days Ghent we ran our 2nd booksprint. The overall topic is purposeful storytelling. We asked speakers, participants and artists to share their big ideas and insights with us. The result is a book with short stories, small manuals and longer reflections.

We had a fantastic team of volunteers contributing their time and love. The design is by talented Ruben Denys ( from Ghent, Belgium. Many thanks for the help go out to:

Ruben Denys, Josephine Rydberg Lidén, Jordan Bryon, Sander Spolspoel, Karin Vlietsra, Michael Geidel, Bert Lesaffer, Nick Fortugno


The event series is held by Reboot Stories and the gathering in Belgium was organized by MEDIA Desk Belgium and idrops.

The next issue from Gothenburg is already in the making and will be released this month.