how to…


…engage participants? There are many ways and all throughout 2012 our team had a strong focus on developing story-led design challenges. We developed several models and I wrote a basic manual for two of them.

How to run a StorySprint:
Here’s an article that describes the session.

Download manual [1.1 MB, pdf]
Download templates [3.3 MB, pdf]
Download creative commons tag [0.6 MB, pdf]

Manual for an Open Design Challenge:
1. Find a wish for the future and us it as a design question or theme for the story.
2. Build 3 groups (storytellers, prototypers (designers), and 100% committee)
3. Use the wheels and the cards to guide you through the session. Assume the wheel to be a clock. (see materials)
4. Use the prototype (solution) to trigger the turning point in your story
5. Write down your story including an explanation of the solution, add photos and sent it to

Download walkthrough
 [1MB, pdf]
Download materials [14 MB, pdf]
Download creative commons tag [0.6 MB, pdf]