Fieldbooks United

Over the years we have created a whole series of co-ethnographic fieldbooks to document our social projects. Here is an overview of the lot, in no chronological order, but favorites first. There might be some buzz word alarm. And a lot of depth beyond the buzz. To download click on images.

This is the first of our six Learn Do Share fieldbooks that we created with participants of the workshops and events we ran.  This one is from 2012 at Parsons New School of Design in New York City. The book is full of games, thoughts and activities on change agents, wicked solutions, and collaborative intelligence.

This book was a result of an artist residency at the University of Technology Sydney in 2017/2018. It’s full of wise and thoughtful stories of circle life, leadership and transformation, philosophical articles, musings, poems, game instructions and thought exercises, introductions to concepts, book recommendations, and there’s a playlist, too!

Oh Robot Heart Stories was such a mega mega mega good project! It’s an experiential learning story that was run with two school classes in Montreal and Los Angeles, using technology, math, geography and their creativity to navigate a lost robot home, all the while learning about the fragility of our planet.


Our events with Learn Do Share in NYC attracted many Europeans, some of which started their own events in Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Paris and Barcelona. This is the fieldbook of our 2013 event in Gothenburg. The content spans open design, shared storyworlds and the value of creativity.


2013 in New York City, this event was all about working with at risk youth, incubating your future and the new venture economy.




The events in Los Angeles had a distinctly different touch to the ones in NYC. For this book, the group chose the theme “Diversity as Identity”, which aligned with the idea they had of the city. The book covers emergent design, incubating civic engagement, storytelling as a means for social change and several manuals for collaboration techniques.


Ghent was another of the European creative spots we visited. This book has an array of advice on games, purposeful storytelling, igniting the imagination of many and how to run an open design challenge.



The Paris crew made their event all about design fiction, building storyworlds, and rebooting the world by giving children digital and creative literacy.




This crazy little book was the result of a birthday surprise, in which we design a geo-located scavenger hunt that started in an art gallery, where we posted a fake art plaque with a primer and a QR code, which gave the first clue. This pdf covers the main stops and overall design of the game.



This report is the result of a very elaborate ethnographic study by Ludwigsburg Filmakademie. The goal was to investigate how Generation 20+ uses technology these days. Although media use changes by the minute, this report is most interesting with regard to the methods used for research.