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Conscious Cycle Kit

Some nights are just glorious. Like one morning in March 2020, when I woke with such clarity and insight that I sprinted to my notebook to jot down what had come into perception. I wrote almost all of it in 2h, and spent a few days refining.

The purpose of the kit is to help you reclaim your natural flow of creation. Each of us has a unique rhythm, which we can tap, if we listen in and work with our intuition. My friend Kate Alexandra was probably the first to point me towards this way of thinking, when we worked on the We Are In.Tuition fieldbook.

The Conscious Cycle Kit is currently layouted by myself, so it’s not grand, but you get the drift.

If you’d like to download the beta-version, please consider sending me feedback <3: Conscious Cycle Kit

Hacking Monopoly

Ishan Markandeya came over to Sydney and we co-designed a special Futurescouts session for the course I teach for a group of MBAe Business Students at UTS. We flipped Monopoly and asked our students to hack the game further, to prototype resilient business for a time of transition, to experience the commons, to create economic fictions.

Group size: 3 – 6 pax
Playtime: 1-4h

We hacked Monopoly to offer a collaborative game that educates about commons-based business modelling.

The game is played like monopoly, but we changed the properties to ones that are systemically related to the intersection of economics and politics. The community chest contains cards on resiliency and chance cards pose challenges to growth and profit maximisation. There are five currencies, for example, reputation, time, and natural resources. The game is designed to be hacked further by its players, so that new rules  emerge by way of storytelling. The game win is when all properties belong to the commons and the players begin regenerating spaceship earth.

The goal of Polypoly is not to bankrupt your fellow players, but rather to engage in a non-zero sum game to create “steady-state” economic systems. To win Polypoly is to create the highest quality of life for all life through abundance.

That’s not to say you’ll reach it, though – it all depends on players choices.

The conversations and stories that emerge are how we create a healthy dialog about values, economic ideals, and a place for participants to engage in vibrant discussion about 21st century economics, governance and value.

Compete and cooperate to buy properties of an economy. Commoner, Capitalist, Communist, Socialist? There’s ways to play them all. You might be surprised at your own decisions.

Balance multiple currencies for various social and economic advantages. Cash, Time, Reputation, Influence, and Natural Resources all have buying power! How will you manage your resources?

For more information on the game visit
This prototype is an ongoing collaboration with FutureScouts.